CLM Access Ltd utilises rope access, fixed building cradles and hydraulic lifts, ensuring that all work is completed safely. All three of these access methods have minimal impact to the building or your company, meaning that you don't lose anytime due to the works required, and that no scuffs or marks are left behind.

If a working suspended access cradle is already installed, our technicians are experienced and insured to utilise this, potentially saving cost and time. If there are any issues regarding the testing and certification of equipment, CLM Access Ltd can help with ensuring that the cradle is safe for use.

CLM Access Ltd offers the following services:
Gutter inspections and cleaning
Bird proofing incl. spikes and nets
Window cleaning, scratch removal and glass installation
Painting, repairs and maintenance of structures
Sealant replacement
Concrete repairs and drilling
Gritblasting and sandblasting
Pressure water cleaning
Vegetation growth removal
Signs and banner installation
NDT and inspection
Installation of cable trays, cables and lights
Installation of decorations
Reconditioning of skylights, atriums and cladding

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